Saturday, 2 July 2011

A big boy's 7th birthday

The fire truck cake of 2011
Last week, I blogged about my little girl's 4th birthday.

This post is about my big boy turning 7 years old. 7 years old!!

The theme for this year's birthday party was fire trucks. My husband is a firefighter, both in his paid work and as a volunteer and our big boy has definitely caught the bug.

The cake decided on is the same cake design as last year, from 'Party Cakes' by Julie Lanham - although I change the icing to the butter icing from the Women's Weekly cake books, rather than the ready-made icing.

I love a fire truck theme. I know I can get countless games, prizes, stickers, party plates....the list just goes on! ebay and I were friends again, after being let down in the poodle stakes for my daughter's party. I discovered a party game that was a twist on Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey - the kids had to stick the dalmation in the driver's seat of the fire truck. I found chocolate moulds in the shape of fire trucks - so we had fire trucks in jelly, rather than frogs in ponds (with some conjecture about who the inspiration was for bogging a fire truck). I bought paper plates with fire truck pictures and prizes that were fire truck squirty things. I found Scooby Doo firefighter stickers to put in the fire truck lolly bags.

Fire truck in jelly
After some rain on the morning of the party (and some panic slight concern about what we would do with a house full of 7 year-old boys for 3 hours) the sun came out and my son and his friends were able to run outside until being called in for games and food.

So much fun was had. So much laughter was heard.

My big boy, turning 7. 7 - shopping in the big boy section at the shops. 7 - no longer holding Mum or Dad's hand in public. 7 - no longer letting the 'little boy' references slide. 7.

Happy birthday to my big boy. Your Dad and I love you to the moon and back.

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