Thursday, 23 June 2011

A little girl's 4th birthday

The poodle cake!
We're very nearly through the craziness of Birthday Month at our house.

My daughter turned 4 years old in early June and this year, her chosen cake from the Women's Weekly cake book was 'Fifi the poodle'.

I was so excited at the prospect of making this cake - look at all those marshmallows!! I suspect the marshmallows may have been a contributing factor in my daughter's decision-making process, combined with her love of all things dog related.

My excitement was tempered somewhat by the dilemma of how to fit a theme around this poodle cake. I searched high and low for party supplies featuring poodles. I even set my sights a bit lower and began searching for anything with a dog on it. Nothing. Nowhere did I find any matching poodle party pieces. My daughter came with me to each shop, eyes filled with hope as we searched aisles and questioned shop owners. Our shopping trips were for naught.

Not to be put off completely, we came to the conclusion that we could perhaps build on the marshmallows as a theme. My daughter was more than happy with the prospect of more marshmallows, and so we opted for plain white party plates (to match the white marshmallows, of course!) and animal stickers as prizes for the layers of pass-the-parcel.

One fantastic party food idea we had seen at a friend's party a while ago, tea cup biscuits, just happened to be in the new cookbook by the Manning-Great Lakes Group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association. A wonderful use of all the pink marshmallows that I wasn't able to use on the poodle cake! (as well as a few left-over white ones.)
The tea cup biscuits.

The day of my daughter's birthday arrived, with my older son having to wake her up and remind her that it was her birthday!! As soon as this news sank in, she was up and on the go for the whole day - presents, visitors, party, both sets of grandparents staying overnight.

My little girl, who so proudly counted down the sleeps until her 4th birthday. My little girl, who likes to randomly check with my husband and I that she is still 4. My little girl, so quickly heading towards kindergarten and school. My little girl, with her wacky sense of humour and her oh-so-expressive eyes. My little girl, who loves to snuggle up with her Daddy on the couch when he's watching his favourite fishing show. My little girl, who loves to sit and listen to me reading stories and play with my hair. My little girl is 4 years old.

Happy birthday, Sweetheart. Your Dad and I love you to the moon and back. 

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