Saturday, 26 March 2011

Impromptu visits

I love impromptu visits.  I don't tend to be on the receiving end of them very much since we moved mid-last year to be closer to my hubby's work.

The last time someone dropped around unannounced, was just after we had bought our new house.  The lady who runs the local playgroup walked over with her children, to see how we were settling in and to welcome me to town.  I felt warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day; glad that I knew at least one family in this new town.

So it was wonderful to get a phone call from my sister this morning, asking what our plans were for the day and could she and her daughter come and visit.  Of course I said yes!  I'd even done some major housework a couple of days ago, so my house was looking pretty respectable.  My sister and I are both fans of the casual drop-in - although a phone call first is necessary these days to ensure that someone will be home before making the drive. 

Why do I love impromptu visits?  I love that a grey, overcast day with nothing planned, can be turned in to a day filled with laughter and company.  I love that, because the visit hasn't been planned, there are no expectations of what I should wear, or how my house should look (I did freak out a bit when my daughter and my niece both decided to take a toilet break at the same time.  It was like that toilet cleaner add on TV, only I knew I hadn't cleaned the ensuite toilet, not expecting it to be used by 'company'.  eeek!)  I love listening to the sound of cousins playing, instead of my 6 year-old and 3 year-old fighting because they're bored.  I love seeing the person I'm speaking to, rather than just hearing a voice over the telephone.

Do you love or loathe impromptu visits?

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  1. I had such a great day! And for the record - ensuites aren't meant to be seen. It's one thing to have two bathrooms; it's another to have two perfectly clean bathrooms!


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