Sunday, 27 March 2011

'Favourite Image of 2010' photo competition

Do you enter your children in photo competitions?  I don't.  Not from a case of having anything against them, rather it's a case of me knowing my children are damned cute and not needing this validated by strangers.  Plus I can never choose just one photo to enter.

So it came as a lovely surprise today to discover that my little girl is included in a photo competition on Facebook.  Susan D'Arcy Photography runs a competition at the beginning of every year, for people to vote for their favourite image from the previous year (it's a little late this year). 

I was actually looking for an image that one of my friends had asked me to vote for and thought I'd just browse through the other images first.  Then I came across 'face72'.  A gorgeous shot of my little girl playing peek-a-boo from behind my legs, during a pregnancy photo shoot I had done last year.

I would love for you to vote for 'face72' as your favourite image of 2010.  Full details can be found at Susan D'Arcy's blog

'face72'.  That's my girl.

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